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Rosa’s is a restaurant, bar, and still the location of the legendary Ernesto’s pop stage on the beautiful market square of Sittard. Discover Rosa’s!

Rosa’s, love of good food

Rosa’s was born out of Ernesto’s Cantina Mexicana, born only out of love for good food. We want to spoil you with a new menu. A fusion menu with a South American base but a worldly character.
With fresh organic products, as much as possible from our own region; in fact, our love for good food begins with planting seeds in our own greenhouse. Therefore, the menu will change with the seasons.
We will also introduce our lunch menu, with dishes that you cannot order at Rosa’s in the evening. We have said goodbye to our old “tapas style” in order to warm you up with an appetizing and mature menu. In addition to our delightful dishes, we’ll offer a nice assortment of wines, special beers, cocktails and tequilas.
All this in a relaxed, slightly more luxurious ambience with just that little bit more cachet, where only the guest counts.

Discover Rosa’s name

We didn’t choose the name Rosa’s for no reason. Rosa of Lima, also called Santa Rosa, (Lima, April 20, 1586 – August 30, 1617) was a Peruvian saint. She was the first Latin American woman to be canonized. Rosa is said to have liberated Sittard from the black plague in 1668 – the year of her beatification – and has been the patron saint of the city since 1669. There, a chapel and a procession on the last Sunday of August and a fair on the same weekend, now including a festival, are also named after her. Because our menu has a South American base, and we are located in the beautiful Sittard, it was therefore a very logical choice for us to go for the name Rosa’s.


“In fact, our love of good food starts with planting our own seeds in our own greenhouse.

Discover Rosa’s Team

“We at Rosa’s are a small and diverse team. The hard core has been committed to Ernesto’s for years. Everyone is passionate about doing their part to ensure the hospitality, products and memories are made within our doors.” – Loïs

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